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WHO, WHAT AND WHY PINK CAMELLIA? began life in 2005 in order to offer online my choice of some of Europe's best sleepwear and dressing gowns.

Beautiful, stylish, non-frumpy nightwear seemed to be impossible to find outside London's finest department stores... and even there the choice was limited.

So it was off to Paris and there my dreams came true with an amazing selection of high quality pieces in great colours, good styles and wonderful fabrics.

For over ten years I have sought out some of the nicest sleepwear and robes so that you can wear something that will make you feel great as well as comfortable - luxury should always be comfortable (Coco Chanel - who else!) and will give you years of pleasure.

Our favourite brands are Laurence Tavernier, Feraud, Mei-Do and Bluet from Paris, Vivis and Grazia'lliani from Italy as well as our own label Pink Camellia bed jackets, knitted for us in Nottingham by the creators of babyshawls for the young children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Why Pink Camellia? I had recently been bequeathed a garden full of exquisite plants by my mother including a lovely camellia and as she had always loved beautiful nightwear it seemed only fitting to name my new baby in her honour.

If you don't see what you are looking for then please contact me by phone or email and I will try and make some suggestions as beautiful sleepwear and dressing gowns can be difficult (but not impossible) to find.

Best wishes,
Silks, sleepwear & robes Vivis of Milan...