The heyday of this little garment was definitely the 30's, 40's and 50's when they seemed to be very much "de rigueur"...

Despite having disappeared from everywoman's wardrobe they are still very much a useful item for those that enjoy the pleasures of spending time in bed with magazines, books and maybe even that other lost luxury - breakfast in bed!

Since I started Pink Camellia over ten years ago I have always stocked bed jackets - from the pure quilted silk numbers from Vivis of Milan, sweet angora from Feraud Paris to our own ballet wrap versions in wool, cashmere and cotton.

Our own Pink Camellia bed jackets and shawls are knitted for us by the heritage firm in Nottingham, England that has created the baby shawls for the babies of the Royal family from Prince William to Princess Charlotte.

This season we offer a beautiful ecru, cosy and warm bed jacket from Laurence Tavernier of Paris as well as our own label items in cashmere and cotton, wool and cashmere or pure wool.

A bed jacket may not be something you have thought of before but they do make a very special gift and you can be sure that ours are some of the very nicest anywhere!

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