Wool is the wonderful natural fabric that has kept us warm for millennia...and despite all the man made fabrics now available it is impossible to find anything that is as luxurious as a woven or knitted wool dressing gown in pure lambswool or cashmere.

Knitting and weaving are two quite different ways in which pure wool threads are converted into a fabric with weaving being the more ancient and dating back to around 9000BC and knitting only to around 500 BC.

Knitting involves running stitches together and will produce a fabric with more stretch and bulk than a woven fabric in which the threads are tightly woven together by interlacing the warp and the weft.

Woollen fabrics are more environmentally friendly than man made as they are bio-degradable and use a lot less energy in their production and as they absorb up to 30% of their weight in moisture without feeling damp they will always feel comfortable to wear.

Our range of ladies woollen dressing gowns includes the Laurence Tavernier signature style of their Italian woven wool poncho style dressing gowns which have been in their collection for over twenty years. These throw on dressing gowns are a one size garment with no fastenings designed to be worn loose over sleepwear or clothes around the house or outside. They are available in different lengths and each season Tavernier introduce new colours, both plains and multicoloured, and as well as the lambswool fabric they also come in the king of wools - the wonderful luxury of cashmere.

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