At this time of year, it seems that we're forever surrounded by encouragement to curl up and hibernate for a while. Bulbs are beginning to bravely peep out, but aren't ready to awaken just yet; the days are short and dark and bitterly cold.

It often feels like the best place to be is safe and warm at home, with a cup of tea in one hand and perhaps a book in the other. It is a time of natural quiet, a time of waiting, where the lure of warmth and sleep is sometimes hard to resist.

If ever there is a time of year for good nightwear, it is now, and now is the time we enjoy wearing it more than any other, finding as many opportunities to abandon ourselves to PJ days and rest days as we can.

We wake to cold houses, reluctant to get up before the heating comes on, and are most grateful for the extra, enveloping comfort that a warm dressing gown brings.

We're drawn to the warm practicality of wool, fleece and jersey which just happen to be the fabrics we tend to make pyjamas and nightgowns out of.

It's a wonder any of us manage to get dressed before March, in my opinion.

The reason I stock the products I do is because I believe that what we wear at night and to relax in is important to our wellbeing, and that is especially true in the winter months.

We need quality pyjamas to keep us warm at night without making us sweaty under our thick duvets and disturbing our sleep. We need the sensual luxury of fine fabrics and cheering colours, to help us feel good even when the days are dark and dreary.

Looking though my stock for the set I'd most want to give all of you this winter, I settled on these beautiful brushed cotton/cotton flannel ladies pyjamas and dressing gown from luxury Parisian brand Laurence Tavernier. Brushed cotton is one of the most comforting fabrics to have next to your skin, and I think this gorgeous tomato shade is just what we need to brighten up these dull days.

For more advice as to how to keep warm and comfortable at night, I'd always be delighted to talk you through my nightwear collection and the benefits each design brings, or browse through my online catalogue to find detailed descriptions of all the beautiful choices on offer.

Wishing you all toasty nights and restful days this winter,

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