It's time now to finally pack away those cosy pyjamas and go for something lighter for the warmer nights.

Here at Pink Camellia I handpick pieces from the best of the luxury sleepwear brands and with coming on ten years experience I have seen a lot of the lovely and the not so lovely!

Everything is selected, first and foremost, for comfort so that the pyjamas will give you a cool and restful night's sleep and you will awake refreshed and ready to start your day.

The luxury nightwear brands select only the very highest quality fabrics to use in their garments and these will help regulate your body temperature as you rest.

Of course the pyjamas must fit well and look good as we know that looking great is (almost) as important at night time as during the day and a real morale booster!

We stock only the very best of the luxury sleepwear brands as they have the many years of experience in this much specialised area of clothing. Our favourites include Hanro of Switzerland, Laurence Tavernier of Paris and Grazia'lliani of Bologna and we are confident that we offer some of the nicest pyjamas around.

Softest on the skin are the jersey fabrics such as cotton jersey, modal jersey and for extra luxury silk and modal jersey:-

Cotton jersey - pale pink shortie pyjamas from Tavernier which are sleeveless but with comfortable wide straps and finished with exquisite lace detailing

Silk and modal jersey - sleeveless casual pyjamas in crystal grey with silk chiffon inserts from Hanro of Switzerland.

Non - jersey cotton fabrics are a classic for smart generally long sleeved ladies pyjamas and we offer several from Laurence Tavernier:-

Pearl grey pea - print classic styled long sleeved style from Laurence Tavernier with matching dressing gown available.

Lightweight pure cotton long sleeved pyjamas from Tavernier in a delightful rose quartz pattern.

Browse all our luxury ladies pyjamas and if you don't see quite what you are looking in terms of styles or sizes please contact us as we offer a special order service to try and help you find those perfect pyjamas for you!

Best wishes,


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