A full range of exquisite organic silk sleepwear in both pure silk satin and pure silk jersey has been produced by masters of luxury sleepwear, Féraud Paris.

Organic silk, also known as 'peace silk' is produced in the most natural way allowing the silk worm to complete its life cycle as a butterfly rather than die during the silk making process.

The silk used by Féraud Paris to create these beautiful garments is produced in Sichuan province in China, hill country to the east of the Himalayas where pandas and bears live in the bamboo forests. The biodynamic project involved is called SABA and it aims are to prove how very high quality silk can be sustainably produced in this way.

SABA is fully certified by the International Demeter programme which is the certification body for biodynamic farming and covers both production and processing.

The biodynamic, holistic - we know it as 'organic' - approach to agriculture started seriously in the 1920's and since then has gradually become more widespread with the advantages becoming clearer with every passing decade. Biodynamic farmers work with the energies of nature and promote a living soil which grows healthy plants to provide the basis for a healthy diet.

As with all natural fibres the quality of the raw material is critical to the quality of the final product and the raw material for silk is the silk cocoon. The best silk is made from the so called mulberry silk worm - Bombix Mori - which feeds only on mulberry leaves with around 100 kg of mulberry leaves needed to make one beautiful silk robe.

Around 600,000 mulberry bushes have been planted since the project began as well as thousands of other trees which provide nesting for birds as well as shade and protection from the wind.

The silkworm eats and eats continuously for around 30 days and then takes about 5 days to spin its cocoon after which in around 10-15 days the butterfly emerges, finds itself a partner and lays its eggs. The cycle then starts again from the beginning. This organic silk is also called 'peace' silk as the natural cycle is allowed to take its course whereas in the ordinary production of silk the silkworm dies before it can turn into a butterfly.

There is a clear relationship between what the silkworms eat and the quality of the silk produced and so it follows that feeding with the very best produces the finest possible silk!

Scientific evidence shows the healing qualities of silk and that wearing it can benefit the skin in forming a barrier layer helping the skin to retain moisture. Silk is effectively composed of mulberry leaves that contain almost 80% more anti-oxidants,, which aid cellular repair in the body, than so called super fruits such as cranberries and blueberries.

The Féraud Paris organic silk range is truly something very special...

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