Alongside our European designer brands, we're delighted to offer our own range of sweet cashmere and wool ballet wrap bed jackets and shawls.

Each piece is knitted just for us in Nottingham, England, by a heritage family firm which celebrated its centenary in 2012.

Our beautifully skilled craftsmen hit the headlines not so long ago having produced the exquisite baby shawl worn by Prince George as he was first taken home from hospital.

The last surviving Nottingham framework knitters of a centuries old tradition, we are proud to support such a richly creative ancient industry, especially as our bed jackets and shawls make such perfect, fine accompaniments to the all of the other premium sleepwear ranges we supply.

For Autumn 2018 we have our own range of designer dresing gowns in blue brushed cotton available in all sixes from XS -XL.

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